Inspiration on the Loose!

It all started when Renetha Stanziano told us about a tutorial she found on a wonderful blog by Lesley Watt. (check out and like Lesley's Facebook page, because you will want to keep track of her!!)
     Even though it was during our Art Doll day, when most of us work on our dolls, many of us got all ginned up with this easy and gorgeous bracelet design. This was so much fun, we've already made quite a few and are experimenting with different size of jump rings and beads. Lesley was gracious enough to let us teach her design, so if you need any help, we will be adding that to our schedule soon. We just put up lots of pretty yummy jump rings on the wall, and are expecting a stash of beautiful stones soon to use with this design. Stop in and see!
     Here are a few of our pieces. The pink one is Renetha's, the 'muddy' one is Carole's, and the red quartz, well, that would be Diane McConnell's. Each one makes me want to do another six! They are easy enough that I bet I will!!
     Thank you Lesley, for sharing your design, and Renetha, for lighting the fire for so much fun!

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