Newly Added Class!

Snooties on the Fringe!

Sunday, July 28 1-3pm
Level: Beginner
Technique: Needle and Thread Fringe
Class Fee: $25
Instructor: Cathy Helmers
You may be asking, "What is a Snootie?" Our inspiration for this little critter came from The Beadwrangler's Schmoo, who is a distant relative of the Snootie (more on that story later.) Whatever their origin, our doll form 'midwife', Renetha Stanziano, has been working hard to keep up with the Snootie demand. We've had lots of requests about a class to "dress" these little lovies, so we've put a class on the schedule for July 28. You will learn different fringe techniques to enhance your Snootie's personality. Spend a silly Sunday afternoon falling in love with a Snootie. Call 640-3017 to register for the class.

Green Dot Surprise!

During our Polka Dot Sale 
(thru Friday, July 12), 
if your receipt comes up with a green dot, 
you can choose a gift!